Connects important projects to people who care

SpotiFunder is the place and the way for small amounts of money, but from a large number of people to help fund a new business venture, initiative or charity.

The SpotiFunder method uses the easy accessibility of huge networks of people through social media and crowdfunding websites to bring investors and entrepreneurs together on one hand and to expand the potential of the venture or idea by engaging growing masses of people, relatives, friends, like-minded people, future clients, owners and venture capitalists.

The financing method chosen by SpotiFunder has helped thousands of businesses happen. Take advantage! Sometimes it is difficult to take your first step, but if you do not act you will always regret it. It can change your life, it can be the beginning of something big. Do not be afraid and do not worry, let's work together and make your dreams come true.

There are hundreds of new startups that raise money and build a customer base at the same time. SpotiFunder will help you confirm your idea, build your customer base before you start, and raise the funds needed for this leap.


How crowdfunding works?

The steps to successfully fund your business

Add your idea

Create your unique page. Tell your startup story and explain your idea. Then set a target how long you need to reach it.

Get the word out

Spread the word out to friends, professional contacts and others in your community. Tell everyone you know about your project

Get funded

People who like your idea donate or pledge money in return for a reward they'll receive once your project is funded.

SpotiFunder is under development!

SpotiFunder guide for a successful business project/initiative


Planning your project

Learn the basics of crowdfunding and where to start.
How to plan your crowdfunding project ->


Creating your project

Get inspired on how to create the perfect project page
Learn how to create your crowdfunding project ->


Running your project

Learn how to connect with your crowd and keep up momentum
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