What is SpotiFinance?

Our mission is to be your digital partner for providing investment opportunities in the most attractive sector - construction, in attractive and attractive areas with high demand - fast realization, with an attractive return of over 16%, through the latest investment trends.

We manage a digital platform that selects the best projects in the construction sector, with short lead times, fast liquidity and high expected returns.

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Current Projects

We are currently examining various real estate investment opportunities and will keep you informed as soon as our real estate experts select a new project that meets our high standards. Be sure to register if you want to be up to date and informed about them

How to become a member?

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Decide on a project from the list of offered real estate projects.

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Complete your registration and make an investment in less than 5 minutes.

See how your income grows

Once your investment is approved, you will be able to track your performance and see regular updates.

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What our investors say ...

"The platform is clear and contains all the important information"

Lora, 45
Sofia, Bulgaria

"The financial information is up-to-date, educational shows the pulse of the financial markets and what are the hot stocks at the moment."

Zornitsa Petkova 29
Sofia, Bulgaria

"Through the platform you can invest in construction sites even with €2000"

Ivaylo Atanasov, 33
Varna, Bulgaria

DISCLAIMER: We wood like to draw your attention to the fact that the subscribtion to the investments and securities offered a hight risk of loss for your capital up to the total loss. Therefore, only use such funds, the partial or total loss you can afford. The investment and securities offered for subscription via iFunded.de are not suitable for all investors. It is important to ensure that you have fully understood the risk associated with the underwriting of the investments and securities offered and, if necessary, cosult with independant and knowledgeable person or institution before subscription. For Further information on the risks of an investment or a security offered, please refer to the respective information sheet (Vermögensanlagen-informationsblatt) or prospectus.