Crowdfunding Digital Platform

Our mission is to be your digital partner for providing investment opportunities in the most attractive sector – building and construction, in attractive and inviting areas with high demand – fast implementation with attractive profitability of over 16 % thanks to the latest investment trends.

We operate the digital platform that selects the best projects in building and construction sector, with short implementation terms, fast liquidity and high expected profitability. We offer you what you need: online investment opportunity available to everyone, regardless of income level, with a minimum amount of 2000 EUR.

Our online platform for investment in building and construction sites Spoti Financial Place, section "Investment Projects" allows you to easily and with a few clicks view investment projects that are open for investment, to find out the amount required for this project, what kind of project is it, the expected costs, revenues, profits and terms needed for its implementation.

SpotiFinance - Investment projects

SpotiFinance - Investment Projects For a detailed view of the projects you have to enter the "Investment Projects" section and to fill in the registration form, as required by the Rules.

Projects list

What is the investment process?

If you like one of the projects open for investment and you decide to participate, just click the "Apply" button in the selected project page and write the amount you would like to invest, whereas the minimum amount is 2000 EUR.

Then you have to wait until the entire required amount is completed with requests of other applicants and only then we shall give you a notification to transfer the amount and start the project.

During the project implementation you will regularly receive information about the stage of construction and any information on the funds spent.

After the project is implemented and the assets are sold, you will receive the invested funds and your profit depending on the percentage of the amount you have invested compared to the total amount in the project. The profit percentage is the same for investment of 2,000 EUR and investment of 20,000 EUR.

Spotifinance group

It is easy to get started

The whole process consists of 4 steps, the rest is our responsibility

1. Register

Register on the platform to get access to the projects and all related information.

2. Apply

When you decide to invest, click the "Apply" button in the selected project and you shall reserve your place. The minimum investment amount is 2,000 EUR.

3. Transfer the ammount

After you have applied, you have to wait until the entire project is completed with applications. We shall then notify you to make a bank transfer of the amount specified in the application.

4. Receive profits

After the term specified in the project has expired, you will receive the amount invested plus the interest specified in the project.


Advantages and market factors for investing success through SpotiFinance.

High fixed income above 15%
Everybody have heard about the high profit margin in the construction, everybody wants to invest in real estate and now everybody can do it with couple of mouse clicks using the online platform
Projects in real estate – it is secured
Every project includes the building of the real estate which becomes the securitized collateral for the project. The added value of the construction creation yields high returns and security in the projects.
Investment in the most stable sector in the last 20 years: real estate
If you want to invest in real estate but you don’t have that much free money or you don’t know the construction process you have much better opportunity. Investment with the Spotifinance platform – the latest hip in the investments
Investment with less than 2000 euro
Not everybody has at disposal tenths of thousands of euros which to invest in real estate. Investment of little money with the same return is huge advantage removing barriers in investing in real estate which until now demanded huge financial resources.
Possibility for diversification: different projects with different areas of investment
You may invest in different progects with the whole purpose to receive high yield from different sources.
Liquidity: projects with terms 12-14 months -quick access from different sources
The timespan of one investment project is between 12 to 14 months after that you can have the investment amount and the return back to you.
Protection from inflation : the return is high
The high inflation eats away your savings because they are not invested or they are invested at low return. Now you can really safeguard your money form devaluation.
Easy investment process: everything is online – quick and easy
The investment takes only 3 steps. First you choose a project on the platform then you make a bid for participation with a click of a button then you wait to the completion of the financing of the project and then you secure the moey which you want to invest.
Investment without fees or commissions: the platform
Spotifinance does not impose fee for entrance, management or exit We don’t charge fees nor commission or other expenses from the investors on the platform. Fee is implied only to the initiator of the project- the owner of the project