2 reasons Meta stock is exploding 20% after a whopper earnings miss

Shares of the social media giant exploded nearly 20% in pre-market trading on Thursday following a whopper of an earnings shortfall.  Here is how Meta performed compared to Wall Street estimates — at first blush it was far from rosy and deserving of a major push higher in the company's …

2 February 2023

Global stocks rise after Fed sees inflation improving

Global stock markets and Wall Street futures rose Thursday after the Federal Reserve said the U.S. economy is moving toward lower inflation but more interest rate hikes are planned.   London and Frankfurt opened higher. Shanghai and Tokyo advanced. Oil prices rose.   Wall Street's benchmark …

2 February 2023

Legendary investor Jeremy Grantham: stocks could drop another 50% this year.

The hardest part of the stock market’s bearish turn over the past year may still lie ahead, and investors may have to buckle in for an even steeper downturn, according to longtime stock market guru Jeremy Grantham.   The S&P 500, a benchmark for large-cap companies in the U.S., has officially …

31 January 2023

31 January 2023

This could be a turning point: IMF raises growth outlook, sees inflation past peak

The International Monetary Fund inched up its outlook for global growth this year, reflecting greater-than-expected resilience in economies across the world while striking a more optimistic tone than in reports last year. The IMF now sees global growth for 2023 reaching 2.9%, 0.2% higher than its previous …

31 January 2023

Morgan Stanley Says Don't Buy the Rally as Fed Looms

Investors flocking to the equity rally will be disappointed as they’re in direct defiance of the Federal Reserve, according to Morgan Stanley strategists. “Better price action in stocks has started to convince many investors they are missing something — compelling them to participate …

30 January 2023

Here are 3 reasons why Warren Buffett: crypto will come to a very bad ending

It's been a tough year for Bitcoin and its backers. Even back in 2018, the Oracle of Omaha himself predicted that it and other cryptocurrencies were headed for trouble. "They will come to a very bad ending," Warren Buffett told CNBC at the time. After hitting an all-time peak of around $69,000 …

24 January 2023

Mike Wilson: investors are falling into a trap—again

In late 2021, after three consecutive years of double-digit returns by the S&P 500, many Wall Street strategists were sure the stock market would continue to soar in 2022. But Mike Wilson, Morgan Stanley’s chief investment officer and chief U.S. equity strategist, wasn’t so optimistic. …

24 January 2023

16 January 2023

Which Billionaire Owns The Most Land In The U.S.? Hint, It s Not Bill Gates

Earlier this year, in May, claims were made that Microsoft Corp co-founder Bill Gates owned the majority of America's farmland. While that is false, with the billionaire amassing nearly 270,000 acres of farmland across the country, compared to 900 million total farm acres, a different billionaire privately …

16 January 2023

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