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We offer full service at every step.

We offer much more than interior solutions, and our main goal is to meet the individual preferences, tastes and demands of our clients. With an individual approach to each client, with attention to detail and passion for work, we will build the dream look of your interior. Interior design is an exciting adventure. Share it with us!

Why do you need an interior designer?

Getting to know the client and understanding their requirements, a good designer will offer a critical point of view from the position of an experienced professional who faces problems related to the interior design of various sites on a daily basis. The interior designer is the one who has the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to get the most out of every space they work with. Consulting a good specialist is a guarantee for a quality project with optimal functionality and high artistic value.


Each interior design begins with the functional distribution of the individual areas and the positioning of the furniture in them. This part of the project aims to show us how to best utilize the space.


After choosing the functional layouts, we start working in your chosen style and color range. We make three-dimensional photorealistic visualizations of the project. This is the invariable and main part of an interior project. The 3D visualization provides an answer to the question of what everything would look like in real size and color, even before you start repair work and ordered furniture. It is presented with 3D visualizations or/and with a virtual 360-degree tour in the interior.

Why choose us?

We offer full service at every step.

Индивидуален дизайн

Individual design

We create interiors that best express you and your worldview and what you like. It is extremely important for us to find out which styles you like, which are your favorite color schemes.

Внимание към детайлите

Attention to the details

We pay attention to whether you have specific requirements for furniture or even part of the decor you hold.
Based on your requirements and the submitted photos, we will clarify what exactly should be present in the received conceptual proposals.

Широка гама услуги

Wide range of services

With us you will find a full range of professional services in the field of interior design and virtual 360 degree walks.
We can guarantee that the end result will be exactly what you dreamed of!


3d visualizations and Virtual walks (360-degree panoramas).

What are Virtual 360 Degree Walks?

The virtual walk is a set of several panoramas connected to each other.

You can get a real idea of what exactly your home, restaurant, hotel or shop will look like.

A virtual 360-degree walk is a great way to create a realistic idea of what the customer can expect from visiting you. It creates a user experience that literally transports the user to your site.
Whether you own a hotel, gym, shop or service business, panoramic photography can win you many new customers.

Request for price

Price offers are divided into:

- Price for residential interior
- Price for public-use interior

Necessary parameters for pricing:

After we receive the necessary information, within 2 working days you will receive an offer on your request for interior design. The offer will be tailored to the area, the premises and your specific needs and requirements. The offer contains a price and term for the preparation of the 3D project of your premises.

Site information:

1. features of the site architecture:
- bevels
- folds
- unconventional shapes
- complete design of the residence
- A part of it

2. area

3. current photos / sketches (it is preferable if you have an AutoCAD file and its extensions) This field is REQUIRED!

4. Budget
5. Color range. (It is important for us to work according to the wishes of the clients and we want them to send us photos of interior solutions they like.)

6. Type of design.
It is important for us to understand what style you are targeting.
- Modern and clean
- Industrial
- Loft
- Classical or Baroque
7. Virtual tour (360-degree panorama) (at the request of the client).

Client information:

- Name
- Contact telephone
- Email
- City
- additional comments

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