Spoti Finance - Company Philosophy

Spoti Finance AD is a company specialized in providing online opportunity for investment in building and construction projects and real estate projects through its investment platform Spoti Finance Place, as well as acquisitions, construction, sales, rentals, property management and investments in investment projects in all sectors of the real estate market in Bulgaria.

Spoti Finance AD is a company, which goal is to offer everyone the opportunity for access and online investment not only in real estates, but also in construction of residential buildings, houses etc., i.e. where the profit margin is the highest, through a digital investment platform: Spoti Finance Place.

Spoti Finance Place opens the world of construction and real estate management to any interested investor. We are an intelligent digital platform that brings together private investors with leading professionals from the construction and real estate management industry for joint projects. This allows investors to access exclusive project financing through Spoti Finance Place, which was previously reserved for institutional investors only.


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About us

Spoti Finance AD is a new startup that allows everyone who wants to invest in construction projects or real estate to do this regardless of the availability of money. Spoti Finance AD removes all hindrances for investment in this sector, such as large financial resources, a lot of time, specific knowledge, organizational skills, attractive properties, land, etc.

Founder and CEO of Spoti Finance AD is Mr. Stefan Angelov, licensed Broker for Trading with Financial Instruments by the Financial Supervision Commission, graduate from the University of Economics in Varna, Bachelor's degree in Economics and Construction Management, Master's degree in Corporate Finance and Postgraduate degree as an Investment Consultant at the University of National and World Economy - Sofia, having over 15 years of experience in the financial field.

Simple registration is enough and you get full access to our real estate investment proposals - our investment projects provided by experienced project managers after selecting only those that bring a high return in a shorter time investing less capital, i.e. after selecting the best for you.

Spoti Finance Place does not charge any participation fees. Compared to the mutual funds or other financial investment instruments, we do not charge fees and additional taxes to those who invest through our platform. This way you get the maximum return.